Save our Alcazaba: locals up in arms over disrepair

VANDALISM: Perpetrators are not being punished, say protestors.

MORE than 100 people gathered in protest on Saturday (July 16) and demanded immediate action regarding the state of Almeria’s Alcazaba.
The monument, head of Accion Por Almeria association Jesus Muñoz stated, is in a sorry state and a conservation and maintenance project is needed immediately to avoid it falling into abandon.

The association president said: “things like the 20 holes which were recently drilled in the walls would never be allowed to happen elsewhere. They’ve said it will only cost €150 to repair but that’s not the point. If this happened in Burgos or Sevilla cathedrals this wouldn’t go unpunished.”

The association read a manifesto at the protest which urged the Junta de Andalucia regional government, which is responsible for managing the monument, to act before it is too late.

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