Brexit beats British bobbies in Benidorm

ENGLISH ZONE: No patrols for UK policemen.

THE Brexit fallout continues, often where least expected.

Plans for British bobbies to join their Spanish counterparts on the Benidorm beat this summer have been quietly dropped.

The exchange operation will not go ahead owing to Britain’s “current instability”, according to sources at the national government’s delegation to the Valencian Community.

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Quite apart from its novelty value, the idea behind the plan was to reinforce security in tourist resorts like Benidorm, following the success of a pilot scheme in Magaluf (Mallorca).

As in Mallorca, the scheme was less to provide better security by confronting possible troublemakers with a home-grown policeman than smoothing out misunderstandings stemming from language and communication problems.

Money also played a part in the UK’s decision not to go ahead with the plan, according to the local Spanish press which quoted a letter from the British embassy received by Juan Maria Rueda, assistant director general of the International Police Cooperation.

“A summer interchange would have required considerable police resources and funds which we are unfortunately unable to undertake in these times of austerity,” British ambassador Simon Manley was quoted as saying.

France has fewer problems, however, and gendarmes are already patrolling neighbouring Altea as well as Peñiscola in Castellon.


  1. I can’t remember the last time that I saw a real copper on foot where I live,even noddy bobbies have been reduced in number and draconian cuts are still taking place throughout the UK.


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