Confused pensioner flies to Spain without better half

TROUBLE AND STRIFE: Maurice Hunter had to perform an about turn and fly back to the UK.

A SCATTERBRAINED elderly gentleman flew to Benidorm without realising that he had left his wife behind, according to bastion of veracity The Daily Mail.

80-year-old Maurice Hunter, who hails from Plumstead in south London, thought his wife Carolyn had already embarked on their Ryanair flight as he returned from the loo, since the couple had booked separate seats due to his need for extra leg room.

The puzzled pensioner only realised that he had left his wife in Blighty after the plane had touched down in Spain, and he is even said to have waved at a woman he thought was his spouse of 47 years before takeoff.

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He apparently said: “I was worried something bad had happened because I could see that everyone was off the plane.

“When I asked [a Spanish worker] where my wife was and if she was OK, he told me she was fine, but back in London. I couldn’t believe it.”

The diabetic was forced to jump on the first available flight back to the UK as his missus was carrying his medication, and the couple eventually opted to spend the week’s holiday at their Whitstable caravan, as they missed out on their once in a wifetime experience.



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