The Partido Popular hopes to control the Presidency of Congress thanks to a pact with Ciudadanos

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Mariano Rajoy and Albert Rivera

CIUDADANOS and the PP made a provisional agreement this morning (July 19) on the board of congress that would practically ensure a “Popular” presidency of the governing body, while Albert Rivera’s party would obtain two of the nine available seats.

Under this pact the PP would reserve three of the nine seats up for grabs; President, Vice-President and Secretary, with Ciudadanos being left with First Vice-President and another Secretary title.

The names to go with these titles will be announced this afternoon after each party has met with its delegates.


Seeming rather adamant, Pablo Iglesias insists that this pact “changes nothing” and it is still possible to achieve a left-wing majority on the board if the PSOE and the Catalonian parties were to unite together with his party.

The President of the Board of Congress is the third most important institutional position in Spain, only surpassed by Head of State and the President of the Government, with a majority in this governing body being fundamental to be able to organize debates and funding for parliamentary groups.


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