Panamanian registered ship causes concern in Bay of Gibraltar

Photo Credit Pat Bowling Lombard Facebook
The Bulk Trident in apparent difficulty

THE Gibraltar Port Authority advises that at about 2.50pm on the afternoon of Saturday July 16, after weighing anchor, the Panamanian-registered vessel BULK TRIDENT manoeuvred close to the coastline at Camp Bay before heading out into the Bay of Gibraltar.

In the process, several dozen metres of marker buoys and ropes were dragged away from the beach areas. The incident did not involve bunker suppliers as the vessel had completed bunkers earlier in the afternoon and was proceeding out to sea.

The Gibraltar Port’s Vessel Traffic Services team were aware of the unusual manoeuvre as it occurred and instructed the vessel to proceed west away from the coastline. The vessel was instructed to anchor on the eastern side and not to leave Gibraltar waters.

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The Port and Gibraltar Maritime Authority proceeded to report the incident as dictated by international regulations and protocols. The vessel’s movements were captured on VTS and the VHF conversation between the vessel and VTS is also recorded. A statement from the ship’s master has also been obtained.

These currently form part of the Gibraltar Port Authority’s and Gibraltar Maritime Authority’s investigation into the circumstances leading to the incident.


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