38 Kilos of Methamphetamines seized from a van in Fuengirola

National Police
Secret compartment in van

THE National Police has seized 34 kilograms of the drug, ‘Meth’, that were hidden in a secret panel located in the roof of a van, in one of the biggest busts of the last few years involving this drug. Three men of Dutch nationality have been arrested in relation to the crime.

The operation was put into action when investigators got a tip-off about a large movement of drugs in the Fuengirola, stopping a vehicle with Dutch license plates in which the three alleged drug smugglers were travelling.

The three men were arrested and searched, with the police finding four kilograms of the drug in a sports bag. This discovery prompted a further search of the car in which a screwdriver, a vacuum packing machine, and the keys to a van were found.

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This van, also with Dutch license plates, was found later in the evening by police officers and was unlocked from a safe distance.

This second vehicle showed obvious signs of modification within its interior, with some of the side panels hanging off.

After a thorough inspection, officers found that the van had a false ceiling above the driver’s seat. Within this hiding place, police found 34 kilograms of methamphetamines, divided up into 17 packets, with two kilograms of the drug in each one.

The operation in total seized 38 kilograms of the illegal drug in powder form, which was already packaged and ready to be sold on the streets of southern Spain.


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