Stroll again: Natasha Hamilton mooches through Malaga airport

CanadaPlaza via DailyMail/Twitter
CALCULATED VARNISH: The surgically enhanced songbird has previously denied having gone under the knife, but is now open about the subject.

SCOUSE singer-songwriter, Celebrity Big Brother star and Atomic Kitten member Natasha Hamilton was clocked in Malaga on Sunday, July 17, as she landed at the Costa del Sol’s airport to spend a break in Marbella.

The cosmetic surgery aficionado, who has undergone a raft of procedures including breast augmentation, lip fillers, laser treatment, and botox, looked to be in a positive mood as she breezed through arrivals, after she recently admitted that she decided to modify her natural looks in order to make her feel less “subconscious” about her body.

The attempt to disconnect from her innermost self has clearly worked, as her tumescent mouthparts successfully dominated a number of media reports depicting her arrival to Spain, as the 34-year-old continues to recover from her recent breakup with ex-fiance and 5ive vocalist Ritchie Neville.


The John Lennon and Yoko Ono of wholesome teen-pop decided to end their relationship five months into their engagement after they “really tried hard to make our relationship work,” leaving Natasha to bring up their 18-month-old daughter Ella alongside her three other children, who all have different fathers.

None of them were present as she disembarked in Malaga, however, as the glorified karaoke celeb looked set for a spot of ‘me time,’ potentially using the peace and quiet to put the finishing touches to her HP Lovecraft concept album.


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