No sign of David Oldman

MISSING: Hunts continue more than a month after David Oldman disappeared.

MORE than a month after he was last seen on June 8, at the time of writing there were still no signs of David Oldman, a British man who was visiting Almeria, and according to his family was hiking between Albox and Huercal-Overa when he disappeared.

Although air and land searches for traces of the missing 66-year-old man continue, and the security forces have stated they have spared no resources in their hunt, there has been no news at all.

However the Guardia Civil continues scouring the area, and has spread the search to areas further afield in case he became disorientated and strayed from his path.


As the chances of finding Oldman in good health after such a long period of time seem to become remoter, especially in the current hot conditions and taking his age into account, helicopters and search dogs have not yet given up, Almeria Guardia Civil sources have reported.


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