Disco dodges don’t deceive the tax man in Valencian Community

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DISCO CHECK: Hacienda has been scrutinising the books of 20 Valencian clubs.

HACIENDA, Spain’s tax authority, swooped on 20 Valencian Community discotheques, two of them in Alicante Province.

Five hundred tax inspectors swung into action throughout Spain, going over the books of 87 discos in the most exhaustive scrutiny ever known in the sector.

One of the two Alicante Province discotheques inspected by Hacienda is known to be Penelope in Benidorm, one of the first in the resort and now the longest-established. Earlier checks by the Hacienda detected bookkeeping irregularities in the 110 companies that own the venues. Inspectors found that payments made via bank cards were abnormally high, in a sector where these are usually made in cash.


Analysis of the discos’ capacity and their entrance fees confirmed serious inconsistencies between the businesses’ true activities and what they declared to the Hacienda.

There was a parallel charges system, with dodges which included selling drinks on tickets that were later omitted from the account books.


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