Fighting fag ends on Almuñecar’s beaches

INFORMATION CAMPAIGN: Included distribution of conical ashtrays amongst bathers and beachgoers.

ALMUÑECAR has launched a war against fag ends on beaches with an information campaign and distribution of conical ashtrays amongst bathers and beachgoers part of the plan.

The campaign began on Playa Puerta del Mar, Environmental councillor Luis Aragon explained, and was to spread to other beaches in the area during this week.

Aragon stressed the importance of stopping people from leaving cigarette butts on the sand due to their negative impact on the environment and reminded smokers as he personally handed out the green plastic ashtrays that a single fag end can contaminate up to 50 litres of water.

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A stand was also set up on the same beach to distribute containers for used cooking oil and leaflets with tips on how to help protect local flora and fauna.


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