Earthquake emergency plan is to be drawn up for Torrevieja

(photo by Nicole Frazier, Flickr)
EMERGENCY PLAN: Being created to tackle the earthquake risk.

TORREVIEJA is to serve as a model for an Emergency Plan of Seismic Risk. Mayor Jose Manuel Dolon chaired a meeting, joined by the Director General of the Agency for Safety and Emergency Response, Jose Maria Angel Batalla, at which the future drafting of the Comprehensive Emergency Action Plan was discussed.

The city will host a conference at the end of the year to allow for the final drafting of the Emergency Plan to be drawn up.

“It will be a document to be used as a model for other municipalities of Valencia, adapting to the peculiarities of each,” said Dolon.

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The use of drones in emergency situations was also discussed at the meeting, along with the importance of the Emergency Management Agency as an essential tool to improve response times to any catastrophe.


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