Big payout for Alicante IVF complication


ALICANTE judges ordered the Instituto Valenciano de Infertilidad (IVI) to pay €400,000 to a couple with a haemophiliac son.

Childless, the couple turned to IVF at the IVI clinic in Alicante, but three months after the woman conceived, eggs from the same donor were found to carry the haemophilia gene. Tests revealed that the Alicante mother’s unborn child was a boy and had inherited the genetic disorder which originally went undetected.

Women are carriers of the condition but only males are affected by it, and although the couple were offered an abortion, they preferred to go ahead with the pregnancy. Documents provided before the woman underwent IVF gave assurances that the egg donors were not affected by genetic, hereditary or infectious disorders.

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But, the court pointed out, IVI did not perform a complete and detailed blood assessment, or inform the couple of the possibility that the donor could be a haemophilia carrier. IVI must pay each parent €100,000 in compensation and €200,000 to the child.

This is the first case involving haemophilia and although there have been other payouts, this is the highest compensation to date.


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