Massive drug and cash haul in La Linea de la Concepcion


IN an announcement by the National Police released on July 14, it has been revealed that 25 people aged between 21 and 63 have been arrested with more than five tonnes of hashish and €400,000 in cash in La Linea de la Concepcion.

Investigations began about a year ago, following several off-road vehicle thefts committed in Fuengirola. As they were undertaking the investigation, officers discovered that an organised group dedicated to drug trafficking was behind these thefts.

It was found that the stolen 4x4s (of which 16 have now been recovered) were stored in a secure area in San Roque and were then used to move drugs from La Linea to ‘safe houses’ around the province of Cadiz.


During the 12-month investigation, all of those implicated were identified, together with all of the ‘safe houses,’ so that when the decision was made to swoop on the gang, all of the properties were visited at once.

In addition to the recovered cars, a further 19 vehicles and a high-powered speedboat were seized.  The officers from the La Linea and Fuengirola police stations also managed to foil two attempted drug landings from the sea and intercepted a vehicle carrying 180 kilos of cannabis.

Those arrested have been charged with belonging to a criminal organisation, drug trafficking, vehicle theft, receiving stolen goods and money laundering.


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