Bigger and better premises for Visauto Denia

Inside the new Visauto showroom.

VISAUTO MERCEDES-BENZ dealership in Denia recently moved their premises after seven years in their previous showroom. We asked service manager Jose Heras why they had felt the need to move as they were only a few hundred metres from their old location in the Partida Les Madrigueres area. “Les Madrigueres has always been a great location for a car showroom so we didn’t want to leave that area. However, customer demand had meant we wanted a larger, more modern showroom and we believe we have that here.” 

The new showroom is very impressive – bright, clean, modern and well air conditioned with a range of new cars on display. All were transparently priced which isn’t always the case with salesrooms. There were plenty of staff around but people were clearly being given time to browse at their own leisure. Behind the showroom there is also a state-of-the-art repair shop, so clean it looked like you could have performed surgery in there. A long way removed from the cliché of the filthy mechanic surrounded by car parts and oily rags. 

The repair shop has six mechanics and capacity for at least 20 cars. There is also an upstairs showroom and the models on display range from Mercedes’ now iconic Smart Cars (two and four seat) to top of the range sports-cars. They also sell second hand cars but only Mercedes and no older than two years. Our EWN reporter Simon Russell got the opportunity to drive a Mercedes in a “caravan” of cars. If you haven’t driven one it must be said that it is unlike driving any car you’ve been in before: smooth, quiet, and powerful. 

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Why don’t you see for yourself and go and visit Visauto at their new showroom on Partida Les Madrigueres 6 (by Eroski) in Denia or call on 965 787 800. They speak several languages including English, Dutch, German and French. 


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