Beggars’ alert saves baby dumped in bin


TWO beggars may well have saved the life of a newborn baby which had been dumped in a rubbish bin in Valencia city centre on Thursday afternoon (July 14).

A call was made to 112 Emergency Services by the Romanian couple at 5.12pm claiming to have heard noises from inside a rubbish bin on Calle Correos, near City Hall, and police officers patrolling nearby were sent to investigate.

The officer who found the baby, a 3.2 kilo boy reported to be in good health, said: “We weren’t far away and rushed there but didn’t expect to find a baby. After picking through the rubbish I saw a red bag near the bottom and carefully pulled it out but when I opened it I couldn’t believe my eyes, there was a baby in there. My colleague yelled: ‘Let’s go, it’s alive!’ and we wrapped him in a blanket and jumped into the car.” 


Two police motorbikes escorted the patrol car across the city, stopping traffic to let it through, and the trip to La Fe hospital was made in just four minutes. 

After being examined and fed hospital sources reported that the baby was clean and healthy, and had obviously received attention after birth.

Investigations are underway to try and locate the child’s mother.


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