Enabling clients to remain in their own homes

GOOD RELATIONS: Matching carers with clients creates bonds.

THE Good Care Group is an award winning company who are passionate about enabling clients to live in their own homes, living life the way they choose and providing the highest standards of care. 

To achieve this, they look for genuine, caring people to join their team of professional carers in providing person-centred care for clients. Their carers have a range of skills from those who have cared for a loved one or friend to those who have worked previously in a professional care role.

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What makes the Good Care Group different?

They believe that in order to provide the highest standards of care for their clients they need to support their carers well. They offer a variety of rota patterns to support a good balance of work and home life and often find that ‘two weeks on and two weeks off’ works perfectly for those living abroad. They employ all their carers and by understanding their skills, experience, capabilities, personalities, culture and values ensure they are able to best match them to their clients’ needs which ultimately provides good continuity of care.

They place great emphasis on finding a good match between carers and clients so that carers are able to create wonderful bonds with their clients and often become part of their family. 

They also strongly believe in teamwork so carers have support 24 hours a day and can access a range of professionals to work with them in providing the best care for their clients. Live-in care can sometimes feel isolating so the support offered is vital to their success and well-being.

They remunerate carers quite differently from many other companies as their pay rate is a reflection of their experience, qualifications and a number of other criteria. They also understand the financial implications for those travelling in from abroad so assist with costs of flights and all of their travel expenses once they enter the UK.  

The perfect combination.

Working as a live-in carer provides carers with the opportunity to combine their passion to work in care in the UK balanced with spending their time off in Spain. This has proved successful for many carers in the home care market and makes for a perfect work/life balance,  something that is actively promoted at The Good Care Group.

They are well rested, very motivated and able to put all of their attention into providing clients with the highest quality care.  


For more information about live-in care, call on 965 713 746 or 628 343 240 email www.thegoodcaregroup.com or 

tracy.jackson@thegoodcaregroup.com or visit their website at www.thegoodcaregroup.com


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