Counterfeiters caught in Murcia

Packs of Funny Money.

A JOINT operation between the Guardia Civil and National Police has intercepted a major money-counterfeiting gang.  The police seized €1.5m worth of fake notes as well as the machinery used to manufacture them.  

The seven men accused, four Moroccans and three Spaniards, were arrested in Murcia.  Police believe the operation may be the biggest ever uncovered in Spain. 

The police were first alerted back in March when an unusual amount of fake currency started appearing in the Murcia area. They commenced the operation, named “Eurofull-Caballito”, to try and determine the origin of these notes. 

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A separate investigation was monitoring a well-known forger’s activities and the two groups started working together. The combined intelligence led them eventually to the Murcia gang and the arrests were duly made.  

The ringleader is believed to be the forger himself, acknowledged as one of the best in Spain who had a criminal record from 2005 for forging. The other members were believed to be more involved in distribution of the fake money.


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