Antis may face jail for celebrating bullfighter’s death

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A BULLFIGHTERS group, the Fundacion del Toro de Lidia, has announced its intention to take legal action against people who have made what it considers to be insulting comments on social media following the death of 29-year-old Victor Barrio during a televised bullfight at the weekend.

The Foundation, which provides legal support for bullfighters, released a statement on Monday (July 11) explaining that it has already gathered more than 50 tweets and posts celebrating Barrios’ death and going as far as insulting him and his family and has urged its members to send on any more they may see with an intention to sue the authors.

“These messages are slander and the authors may face up to 14-month jail sentences for their efforts,” the statement expressed.


The Foundation has also stated its intention to seek the support of the ombudsman and the Ministries of Culture, Justice and Interior to “guarantee that the law is obeyed and the world of bullfighting respected.”


  1. Why.?
    This man knew what he was doing and had a choice,the Bull had no choice but I don’t think that anybody should be insulting his family just because of this mans ”occupation”

  2. You cant go round sueing people because they have an opinion. This is not a sport its murder so to start sueing people just sounds desparate…These events need to serve as a lesson to anyone else that wants to be cruel to a defenceless animal (you know..the type of bull that doesnt wield knives…)

  3. When this world stops the abuse of children and humans we can perhaps worry a little about blood sport. Unfortunately most of these people would pass a poor human in the street but aid a dog! Pathetic.

  4. my view is that I hope they do get found and put in jail.
    It is bad enough the guy has died doing his job without yobs slagging him and his family
    May he rest in peace


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