Fun in the sun

OPTICA MACHIN: Attend to clients of many different nationalities.

BEING in the sun is good for us and here on the Costa del Sol we will be getting a lot of it this summer! 

We gain Vitamin D which helps build strong healthy bones and there is the ‘Feel Good Factor’ avoiding the SAD syndrome of dark northern climes. However, we should be aware that too much sun and ultraviolet rays is not good and sensible UV protection is recommended, especially for those of us who are blue-eyed, pale skinned types!  

Good quality sunglasses are a must in the summer. Eyes and the surrounding delicate skin on the lids can be damaged by excessive UV light and it is thought that both cataracts and macular degeneration can be caused by exposure to damaging UV rays, so it is sensible to protect your eyes by using UV filters.


Did you know that if you need driving glasses then you can also have prescription sunglasses for driving and likewise prescription sunglasses are great for reading on the beach or relaxing on the terrace? 

Nowadays there’s a huge range of stylish sunglass frames which can be made as prescription spectacles and, if you hate swapping spectacles, then Transitions lenses are a great option. 

Choosing the right product for your visual needs and lifestyle can be confusing and this is where Optica Machin can help. Whether it’s spectacles or contact lenses, sunglasses or clear lenses, they can help you make an informed choice.

Optica Machin English Optician, established in Estepona since 2000 , pride themselves on taking the time to help you choose the right product for your visual needs. 

As the third generation optician in her family, Jane Staunton Machin has worked in UK in general practice and also in domiciliary eye-care services.

In 1994 she co-validated her diploma to become a member of Colegio Nacional de Ópticos-Optometristas in Spain, paving the way to opening the Optica Machin practice.

Attending to clients of many different nationalities, Jane works alongside her sister-in-law. Together they form a great team, one on the clinical side and the other managing the practice. Joanne organises the frame styles and fashions and Jane, as the optician, is responsible for the examinations, eye-care advice and clinical care. 

As an independent practice, the ladies at Optica Machin have the time and patience to treat their clients as individuals. 

Please feel free to call them or pop in for a chat about your eye care requirements or to ask about their current offers! 

For more information simply call on 952 806 813, visit their website or e-mail [email protected]


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