Orderly Q by the sea

TORRE DEL MAR: Beachgoers can enjoy a quality beach.

EARLY morning beachgoers in Torre del Mar were confronted by a bizarre sight on Friday July 1, as the sand had been stamped with hundreds of colossal letter Qs, arranged in lines at the water’s edge.

Rather than being the result of some creative alien spadework, the offbeat scheme was cooked up by the town’s deputy mayor, Jesus Perez Atencia, after the beach was recently handed a Q for Quality by the Spanish tourism board. 

The official effused: “I came up with the idea of moving the Q for Quality onto the beach itself today and on the next few days, and then we’re going to do it on Caleta and Benajarafe beaches as well!

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“We want all our residents and visitors to know that they are on beaches certified for tourism and environmental quality!”


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