Dour Scot in tears as he wins his second Wimbledon singles title

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Andy Murray wins his second Wimbledon men’s title

DESPITE the fact that there seems to be a feeling that Andy Murray isn’t the most charismatic person in tennis and he did say that family was more important than the title (although he did receive £350,000 (€410,000)), he walked all over Milos Raonic, the Canadian who is receiving coaching advice from former champion John McEnroe in three straight sets winning 6-4 7-6 7-6 at the Wimbledon men’s finals on Sunday July 11.

Some would say that he was lucky not to meet Djokovic, Federer or Nadal in the final but who cares! This is his third Grand Slam win in singles and his second Wimbledon win which makes him the greatest British tennis player since Fred Perry although if Nicola Sturgeon gets her way, he will of course also be the greatest reigning Scottish Champion of all time and he and Jamie can then enter the Davis Cup on behalf of Scotland rather than Great Britain.

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All eyes are now on Heather Watson who plays in the mixed doubles finals hoping for a win which Jamie Murray obtained in 2008 with Jelana Jankovic who is still playing and training in Mallorca and the English couple Jo Durie and Jeremy bates in 1987.


  1. Bit disappointed with the slightly carping tone of your news item John. Not your usual superb style. Maybe a bit grumpy at having to work on a Sunday?
    I have followed Andy Murray’s career in tennis for more than a decade. He is an extremely hard worker and deserves the very best possible praise for his achievements. Currently the world number 2, which is a pretty big deal for a Brit, he now has a genuine chance to steal Djokovic’s crown as the world number 1. Also let’s not forget that his brother Jamie is the doubles number 1 in the world. They are both pretty decent people too – unlike some of our political leaders – or dare I say it, wayward footballers?

    As with all the top tennis players he doesn’t just play Wimbledon of course. He is constantly on tour throughout the year and many of his tournaments this year and last year have been absolutely spectacular. I’ve watched most of them, so yes, I admit it, I’m a fully paid up tennis fan.

    All the best Andy. You deserve all your rewards.

  2. Oops – sorry if I was a bit too tongue in cheek but I did say that he is the greatest British tennis player of all time which is true.

  3. Thank you John. You are a good man and I have a great deal of respect for you. I always look forward to reading your articles which are usually very well thought through and written with intelligence and insight. Keep up the good work!

    Just a wee thought though about any feeling that Andy “isn’t the most charismatic person in tennis.” He does wear his heart on his sleeve a bit and he is quite an emotional guy, but the viewing public voted him BBC Sports Personality of the Year twice before. Maybe this year could be his hat trick?


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