Are you addicted to your smartphone?

TIME WASTE: On average people spend about 2.42 hours per day touching their smartphone display.

A STUDY looking at the behaviours of Android smartphone users, found that the average person swipes, taps and pinches their display about 2,617 times a day and a grand total of one million times per year.

Some 10 per cent of users who took part in the study were found to touch their phone 5,427 times in the day, which equals out to two million times over the course of a year.

Users spend about 2.42 hours a day touching their smart phone display and 87 per cent will check their phone at least once between midnight and 5am.

Facebook was the most active app by users.

Dscout, a Chicago-based research firm and software producer, conducted the study by capturing and analysing in-the-moment behaviours at scale of 94 Android users.

Our increased obsession with our technology comes as doctors warn that constant texting and gaming could wear out your joints leading to more cases of arthritis developing in younger generations.


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