Summer pay cheques to continue for some

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MANY interim teachers in the region of Murcia can enjoy their summer off knowing they will still be getting paid in July and August.

The regional government has made amendments to the budgets of the autonomous region this year. The aim of the bill, which was announced in an extraordinary session by the governing council, is “to restore balance and rigour of the budgetary rule,” explained the Minister of Finance and Public Administration, Andrés Carrillo.

The Ministry of Finance itself accepted the payment during the months of July and August on behalf of interim teachers. The opposition party approved the payment to all supply teachers, which would have cost around €14 million but the government included in the bill payment only to those who have covered vacancies and worked in the classroom for a minimum of 255 days (eight and a half months), the equivalent of a full course. 

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The beneficiaries will be about 2,200 temporary teachers and the cost will amount to €11 million. The measure leaves out some 1,200 temporary teachers and other temporary staff.

The Federation of Teaching CCOO in the region of Murcia said of its rejection of the amendment sought by the government that it considered it “a setback on the road to the recovery of staff rights.”


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