Some reassurance for British expats

REST EASY: Regional President Ximo Puig (fourth right) sends out reassurance to British residents at meeting. with tourism industry

‘REST easy’ was Regional President Ximo Puig’s message to the Valencian Community’s 100,000 British residents following the UK referendum vote to leave the EU.

The healthcare of any citizen living in the region is “guaranteed,” he pledged during a visit to meet representatives from the local tourist industry to discuss Brexit’s impact on the sector.

“The Generalitat Valenciana will not interrupt any fundamental public services,” Puig assured British residents. A specifically created regional committee will deal with the situation, he said.

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Referring to Brexit’s impact, Puig expressed confidence in the tourist sector’s “possibilities,” but rejected sending out “alarmist messages.” 

Puig admitted his concerns regarding the situation of the pound sterling and urged the tourist industry to improve its offer, although he did not associate this with a reduction in prices: “The important thing is to improve our position through quality,” the president stressed: “Visitors are happy but we have to help them so that they will continue to spend their holidays here.” 


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