Lifeguards take up posts

SUMMER LIFEGUARDS: To help keep everyone safe and to enjoy their holidays.

THE 33 new lifeguards taken on for the summer season in Almuñecar were welcomed into the service and took up their posts last week after receiving a pep talk from local Security delegate Juan Jose Ruiz Joya.

The 26 men and seven women, aged between 19 and 43, will be posted on the beaches of Velilla, Puerta del Mar, San Cristobal and La Herradura every day between noon and 8pm working to keep everyone safe and help them enjoy their holidays.

“You’re now part of the image of our town for thousands of bathers and beachgoers who, once again or for the first time, have chosen to come to our beaches and are placing their trust in you to guarantee their safety. I hope we can provide a great service and send them home safe and happy,” Ruiz Joya said.



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