Twelve people killed in ‘Brexit’ bedlam

Brexit blues

A JUNCTION in Indonesia locally known as Brexit was the site of travel chaos as 12 people died in a three-day long traffic jam while returning from Eid celebrations.

Traffic spread over more than 13 miles and saw tens of thousands of vehicles wedged on the highway leading to a Java island town named Brebes, with the nearby tollgate dubbed Brexit, short for Brebes exit.  

A severe bottleneck saw a sea of cars and motorbikes stuck in a severely polluting standstill with one baby thought to have been killed by fumes and several elderly people dying from health complications aggravated by the conditions.


A health ministry spokesman has suggested that air conditioning usage may have increased carbon dioxide levels within cars and urged travellers to take precautions when driving long distances.

There are more than 144 million people on the archipelago’s largest island with around 400 people thought to have died on Java’s roads throughout the holiday period, celebrated by Muslims across the world.


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