Pitboil! Mistreated mutt bailed out by Spanish police

© Guardia Civil
FREEDOM: The captive canine is liberated by a Guardia Civil officer.

GUARDIA CIVIL officers were forced to intervene in order to rescue a wretched female pitbull which had been abandoned in its owner’s car in direct sunlight with the windows closed, leaving it close to death and sending Spanish media into meltdown.

The shameful episode unfolded in Aspe, as the local police station received a morning phone call advising them that a property might be under illegal occupation.

As a patrol pulled up to the building in question they were unable to detect any signs of life, but noticed a car parked nearby, and on closer inspection the hawk-eyed officers spotted the hapless hound, which was not in a good way.

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After several attempts to call the vehicle’s purported owner failed, they resorted to baying through a megaphone that was in the boot of their own vehicle, eventually taking the decision to smash a window in order to save the prostrate pooch’s bacon.

Once outside, the cotton-mouthed canine was given some fresh water to drink, as the heroic officers discovered that the ‘potentially dangerous’ animal was lacking an identification chip.

The dog was later picked up by the Animal Protection Society of Medio Vinalopo, based in Elda, who will supervise its recuperation in the short-term.

Police are now seeking the animal’s owner, suspected to be a 29-year-old Bulgarian national, who faces animal mistreatment charges, while his car has been impounded pending his arrest.


  1. good on them getting the poor dog out in time.
    Too many dogs have died due to owners stupidity.
    A friend used to take his dog where ever he went- I said
    ‘what for’- reply – to protect the car – then he got robbed- then he decided to leave the dog at home.
    The best thing in summer!!!!!
    Last year 42degrees and two stupid brits left their dog in the car in an aldi car park. Dog was lying on
    the package ledge in the back window in full sun.
    i saw them come back and give the dog a quick drink
    and drive off they were lucky


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