Criticism over Spanish investigation of 2013 rail crash

Constando Estrelas Wikimedia
Scene from 2013 crash

ALTHOUGH some would suggest that the European Union breeds agencies like fleas breed on a dog from time to time one of these organisations does come up with decent and insightful information concerning the activities of member states.

In this case, the European Railway Agency has heavily criticized the Spanish investigation into the 2013 Santiago de Compostela rail crash which resulted in the death of 81 people and injury to a further 150.

According to this report it appears that the Spanish investigation was not independent as the investigating body included representatives of the train companies themselves who may have had a vested interest in the resulting findings and therefore the ERA concludes that it was flawed.


The main thrust of its findings which have been presented to the European Commission was that the Spanish report focused too much of the blame on the driver of the train who did break rules, but glossed over the possibility of there being any inherent fault with the lay out of the track and the fact that the accident was possible at all.

In addition, they point out that the Spanish report concentrates on the derailment and did not concentrate on reasons behind the subsequent collision and the subsequent fire that broke out.

Criticism has been leveled at the rail company involved, the producers of the original report and the minister responsible by members of the group supporting the families of those who were involved in the crash and although the ERA report has no legal status in Spain, it has encouraged them to demand that a new and independent investigation should take place.

The Spanish Public Works Ministry has rejected the ERA report considering that the Spanish investigation was both fair and sufficiently in depth.



  1. Just another Spanish Government cover up… as with everything else they say and do what they want and very often innocent people are ridiculed taking blame off an administration that is a corrupt and powerful echelon that does not relate to the normal citizens of Spain.
    Spain has one day every four years of democracy and then the politicians and their terrible administration take from us what they like, if you don’t agree, well “tough” they embargo our bank accounts or properties and take it anyway, leaving us having to go to the Courts to get our money or property back.
    Here we are GUILTY until we are able to prove our innocence
    The PSOE leader Pedro Sánchez Pérez-Castejón said the other day, that the Brexit referendum the UK has given its population, the Spanish Government would never give its people they need us to decide what’s best for them… (meaning what’s best for the political class)


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