Visit Gibfunnel and share your ideas with your compatriots


FOLLOWING what they considered to be the disastrous Brexit result a group of young Gibraltarian professionals has banded together in order to produce a website which invites other Gibraltarians to submit their ideas for the future.

So often people have ideas which they think would be good for the community or for a particular group only to be unable to know how to present them. 

This new website, which will only exist until August 31, has been named Gibfunnel and it undertakes to review all of the ideas received and to forward them to the relevant government department or ministry.


Their website states “Our nation has never had a bigger opportunity to say something about our future than now. “

“Gibraltar is going through unique times. Without a doubt we are entering a new chapter in Gibraltar’s timeline. These times of uncertainty should be seen as exciting as much they are daunting. “

“By harnessing the passion, emotion and opinion of Gibraltar’s people using the internet, Gibfunnel is an automated platform that puts your ideas to the Government & Gibraltar’s big players.”

They are looking for volunteers to help sort the large number of suggestions they are expecting to receive and welcome approaches via e-mail on [email protected]

As a final incentive to get involved by submitting ideas, they promise that at the end of the summer, on a date and at a venue to be decided they will host an exhibition where every idea is represented.


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