Fireworks lead to wedding blaze

© Nicole Frazier, Flickr
WEDDING SURPRISE: Not the surprise newlyweds were expecting as fireworks lead to fire.

A WEDDING finale had an unexpected surprise as farewell fireworks led to a fire in Redovan.

Wedding guests planned them as a surprise for the newlyweds but they were set off in the vicinity of the Thamesis nightclub causing a fire. The rapid intervention of firefighters prevented the fire from reaching the village hall, nearby buildings and an electrical transformer. 

The fire occurred on a plot by the club and just 50m from a petrol station just after 10pm. The land was overgrown with weeds and shrubs and councillor for Public Safety, Ramon Lopez, said the owner of the land will receive a fine for the intervention for not having cleaned the area as was his requirement. The fire destroyed around 500 square metres of scrub and some palm trees at the entrance to the town on the CV-919.



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