Swimmer drowns while Red Flag is in operation

© Joe Christiansen, flickr
RED FLAG: Never enter the water when it is flying.

A 47-YEAR-OLD Romanian man sadly died while swimming on Urbanova beach near Elche this Tuesday July 5. Authorities have confirmed that the red flag, which strictly prohibits bathing while flying, was raised at that time. 

The alarm was raised when the man was seen floating in the sea and lifeguards entered the rough waters to pull him out. It appeared he had gone into cardiac arrest and resuscitation was attempted for an hour. 

Although initially he showed signs of recovery the man was believed to have had a second arrest and died. Bathers can be fined up to €1,500 for entering the sea when the red flag is raised.



  1. I am mystified how people can disregard safety warnings.
    I recently came through Gatwick Airport North and was sitting waiting for our flight to open, and a young person , possibly early 20´s left the area we were sitting in and walked away leaving his large round black bag at the seat. This was one week afger the Belgian attack, and I thought how do we get these people to think. to make matters worse I could not find a police officer to report this, and eventually stopped a BA member of Staff who didnt know what to do !!!!
    approx 10 minutes later the person returned and I intimated that he should not leave baggage unattended after the attrocities of the recent weeks.. He laughed at me !! Eventually after about 15 minutes a member of BA Staff arrived and spoke to the individual – again he laughed .
    How do we get people to understand it is no laughing matter if you get caught in a serious terrorist situation and end up a victim.
    Best Regards.


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