The debauchery continues in Magaluf


SUMMER has only just begun and seemingly not a day goes by without another incident involving foreigners in the Mallorca hotspot engaging in inappropriate, lewd or violent behaviour.

Over the weekend of July 2 and 3 a British man participating in a stag do ended up having three of his teeth knocked out after coming to blows with a professional American football player. 

The man, who was the brother of the groom, was arrested, along with the football player in question, and both of them were promptly thrown into jail. 


The boozy Brit had to fork over £1,260 (€1,486), whereas the yobbish Yank ultimately ended up having to pay around £5,000 (€5,895) because the injuries that he caused were allegedly more severe.

The argument started as a verbal altercation before allegedly descending into physical violence. At the moment it remains unclear who started the fight.

The aggression happened only days after several members of a separate British stag party got into hot water with police for violating the resort’s new regulations revolving around public decency, by parading through the town wearing nothing but G-strings.



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