Malaga councilors coming on strong to UK businesses

© Wikimedia - Naseer Alkhouri

OPPORTUNISTIC Malaga councillors have deemed that Brexit represents a business opportunity for the city and Costa del Sol alike, and are to send a delegation over to London to consult with firms that may wish to continue operations under the EU umbrella once the UK leaves.

A proposal presented at the city hall’s regular plenary session noted that Malaga airport is currently connected to 20 destinations, and highlighted the quality of life in southern Spain, plus rental prices for offices, which cost around a third of those in the British capital.

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The real surprise, however, came when Mayor Francisco de la Torre declared that the most appropriate person to carry out such a mission is Marc Sanders, the council’s International Economic Development Director and a man who opposition parties insist should be given the boot.

An additional section of the document urged the Government of Spain and EU to “seriously consider the city of Malaga as the best place for relocation of the European Medicines Association once it is taken out of London,” since “Malaga is very competitive in this field, and Spain can use it as an attractive option for the majority of the 600 employees that are working in this agency to up sticks.”


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