Drug-smuggling gang broken up by Guardia Civil

© Guardia Civil
Cash seized in the operation.

IN a joint investigation with the Israeli Police, officers of the Guardia Civil have dismantled a criminal organisation in Granada involved in using ‘mules’ to smuggle cocaine on an international basis. 

A total of 10 people (seven men and three women) of Dominican and Spanish nationalities have been arrested in the provinces of Granada and Malaga, whilst a further four people are under investigation.

All are accused of crimes against public health and belonging to a criminal group. In addition, thanks to information provided by the Guardia Civil, the Israeli Police arrested a young Spanish couple at Tel Aviv airport, who between them were attempting to smuggle more than half a kilo of cocaine.


The investigation commenced following the discovery of a point of sale of cocaine in the town of Churriana de la Vega in Granada province, and officers were able to identify that some in the gang were responsible for security during transport, others were used as ‘mules’ transporting cocaine and a third group was responsible for sending the profits from the sale of the drug to the Dominican Republic in small money transfers to avoid suspicion.

Following searches in Churriana de la Vega, Benalua and Jaen Pozo Alcon, a cocaine laboratory containing 1.3 kilos of cocaine, more than 3.5 kilos of cutting agents, precision scales, several presses and moulds to produce cylinders of cocaine, 50 grams of hashish, more than €20,000 in cash, six vehicles with concealed false units for smuggling and 23 mobile phones were seized.

The ‘mules’ travelled to England, Switzerland, France, Germany and Israel, by air from Madrid, Barcelona and Malaga with ingested drugs, and they also transported cocaine to the same countries in cars with false compartments.

One middle-aged couple with no previous convictions regularly swallowed the drugs and visited various cities where they acted as tourists, spending several days in each city sight- seeing after they had delivered the drugs.


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