Brexit: Petition to grant British expats dual Spanish nationality


HUNDREDS of people have signed a petition calling on the Spanish government to grant dual nationality to British expats resident in Spain for more than a decade. 

Madrid-based British author and journalist Giles Tremlett, who has written a history of the country, launched the petition on Monday July 4 which has already secured more than 400 signatures.

Tremlett, who has lived in Spain for roughly 25 years, began the petition due to concerns about his pension, and legal rights should he return to the UK to look after his parents. 

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He argues that Spanish nationals have the option of applying for dual citizenship in the UK after working there for five years, yet Spanish law demands that foreigners renounce their nationality of birth. The petition also refers to the decision by the Spanish government to offer dual nationality to proven ancestors of Jews expelled from Spain during the 1492 inquisition.  

“With Brexit, I’ve effectively been expelled from my European citizenship against my choice and with no say in the matter,” he told local media.

“Spain has been a member of the EU for 30 years, Britain for 40 years,” 

“That’s long enough for people to have based their entire life plans, their careers, their families, etc on being a European citizen.

“It’s both traumatic and dramatic to have that snatched away.”

 You can find the petition at


  1. “Unless you’re from a Spanish-American country, Andorra, the Philippines, Equatorial Guinea or Portugal, you also have to renounce your previous nationality.” – doesn’t seem much help to the Brits then

  2. You already mention that Spain demands a person renounce their nationality of birth on applying for Spanish nationality so Spain doesn’t recognise dual citizenship for British citizens and I doubt they will start now because of the wants of a handful of British expats and Brexit! 🙂 On having a Spanish citizenship accepted a British passport holder will not have their passport returned to them… although you cannot renounce your British citizenship, nor can Spain on your behalf so applying for a duplicate or renewal of your British passport is all you need to do to get one back but even if you don’t you will still be a British citizen and a Spanish one also.

  3. It’s funny how british people ask others to do things they refuse to do in their own country. Would they grant british citizenship to EU people living in the UK for more than 10 years?

  4. Another petition set up by someone who doesn’t have a clue about the rules. Spain does NOT require renouncement of their country of birth. If you have to hand in your passport, you simply apply for another from the UK. What’s the issue? It certainly doesn’t require yet another pointless petition.


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