Fateful fall for Canillas de Aceituno resident

CHOPPER: Called in to airlift the body.
CHOPPER: Called in to airlift the body.

THE lifeless body of a 73-year-old Canillas de Aceituno resident has been rescued by a team of the Special Mountain Rescue arm of the Guardia Civil, with a helicopter employed to airlift his remains off the side of a mountain.

A resident had raised the alarm over his potential disappearance two days beforehand, after he spotted a saddle used by the man to ride his mule several kilometres from the village to an upland field where he worked each day, but there was no sign of the animal or its owner.

The location of the saddle led officers to suspect that both may have tumbled off the side of the steep hill on which his field is located, since there is a 120-metre drop on one side, and a mountain rescue was dispatched to survey the site.


Around 100 metres away from where they thought he may have fallen, his body could be seen at the bottom of the hill, in a place where access was extremely tricky due to the rough terrain.

The recovery was thus postponed until the following day, with the cadaver airlifted and transferred to the Anatomical Forensic Institute for autopsy.

According to the Mayor of Canillas, Vicente Campos, the man lived alone in the countryside, although he also possessed a house in the village, where he has a sister and several nieces, and he used to go to the field to keep himself busy rather than work the land.


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