Sad news at Terra Natura Benidorm

flickr by Raul Soler

THE animal and nature park Terra Natura Benidorm is deeply mourning the passing yesterday of one of its employees while she was working in the complex and wishes to send out its condolences to her family and friends. All of the staff of the park is devastated and profoundly affected by the tragic news.

The accident occurred around 5pm in the indoor enclosure of the Asian tigers, an area which only authorized staff has access to and which is out of sight of the visitors.  

The zoo complies with a strict security protocol for the management of animals. For causes which are being investigated, the carer entered into direct contact with the animal while carrying out cleaning tasks in the indoor enclosure. As soon as the incident was detected, emergency services and security staff were alerted, after which the animal was sedated.


Sadly, medical workers soon verified the death of the carer, who had been working in the park for eight years as an expert carer of felines and other species. 



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