Historic structures to gain further protection

MARINA ALTA’S WINDMILLS: The oldest is thought to date back to 1397.

A full preservation order for the Marina Alta’s windmills and ‘Pesqureas de Cingle’ is a step closer to realisation.

A report by the Valencia Cultural Council (CVC) was favourable and has been put forward for full approval. The oldest windmill in the Marina Alta is in the La Plana area (near Javea) and is thought to date back to 1397.

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The Javea area has 11 other windmills and it was Mayor Jose Chulvi who made the initial request.

The Pesqueras de Cingle are structures which were used by local fishermen for storage, repairing fishing gear and so forth. These are often set into the side of cliffs with some fine examples in the cliffs between Cap de Sant Antoni and Morro de Toix. 

The potential for tourism is a factor in any increased preservation order and the potential for the artefacts in this respect is seen as high.


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