Alicante bonfire bandits arrested

© Renmus, Flickr
HOGUERAS ARRESTS: Gang targeting fiesta visitors is arrested in Alicante.

EXTRA police patrols and prevention plans put in place in Alicante as part of the holiday operation has resulted in the arrests of seven people.

Devices set up for crime prevention during the Hogueras fiestas saw the criminals arrested accused of shoplifting and theft with violence and intimidation in the city, with most of the crimes occurring in the leisure areas and beaches. They mainly stole bags, cash, jewellery and any other valuable items being carried and that were easy to grab.

The group appeared to select victims of an advanced age and those who were unable to defend themselves, taking advantage of the busy crowds during the fiestas.

Of those arrested, three were minors and police believe they are responsible for at least 15 reported crimes.


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