Court cases double national average time

GABRIELA BRAVO: Signs the register during a visit to Torrevieja to look at the criminal system.

CRIMINAL cases in Torrevieja take double the time to be resolved than in the rest of the country.

The Regional Minister of Justice, Gabriela Bravo, revealed in a visit to the judicial district of Torrevieja that criminal cases take nearly three years to resolve and be judged, which is double the national average.

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During her visit, the regional minister held meetings with criminal judge Mariano Gomez as well as the coordinator of the prosecution, court clerks and professional associations of lawyers and solicitors.

“This situation concerns us all,” said Bravo, “and needs a lot of support from the administration and by the Consell. For us justice is a priority. We know the big traffic jam is in the courts of first instance of the need to create a new court of first instance and the need to create another criminal court. It cannot be that the average resolution (of criminal cases) is 36 months, while the national average is 16 months. The residents of Torrevieja deserve quality justice. They cannot be second-class citizens.”

Bravo added that the government has already been informed of the urgent need to provide these two new courts to Torrevieja.

The city got its own judicial district in the late 1990’s and is one of the highest growing judicial areas registered in Spain, and one of the most overworked.  


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