Three Pakistani men arrested for promoting terrorism

Guardia Civil
Checking computer records (archive image)

THE Guardia Civil announced on July 1 that officers had arrested in Lleida three young Pakistani males aged 25, 29 and 31 who were responsible for promoting and glorifying terrorism through the internet by way of promotion of audio visual material issued by terrorist groups.

The three men were managing a number of different accounts on social media as well as digital platforms and were found to be promoting jihadist propaganda and endorsing the activities and killings performed by terrorist groups including DAESH, the Taliban and other extremist Pakistani organisations.

In addition to trying to radicalise people within Spain, they also used these outlets to promote Sharia law and to criticise and decry the Shia community.

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Officers worked closely with the National Intelligence Centre (CNI) in order to break up this group and the combined unit will be investigating the documents and computer equipment found in order to try to determine whether this was an isolated cell or part of a larger network which can also be dismantled.


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