Gentle hike becomes a nightmare ordeal

© Casz
CABEZON DE ORO: Where two women were rescued by Guardia Civil officers.

GUARDIA CIVIL officers were called out at night to rescue two women walking on the Cabezon de Oro Mountain near Busot.

They set out at 6pm with their dog, taking the signposted path but inadvertently took a wrong turn. 

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They were soon lost and by 9.50pm, aware that their mobile batteries could run out, they called the Emergency Services who alerted the Guardia Civil in El Campello.

Two officers sent out to locate the women, aged 37 and 49, were joined by another who was off-duty, but knew the mountain path very well as he uses regularly it for training.

The women’s position was easily pinpointed thanks to their mobiles but they were in an inaccessible spot that could only be reached on foot. 

As they neither carried torches nor wore high-visibility clothing, it took the three men an hour to find them after leaving their vehicle. 

They were finally located and reported to be in a ‘frightened and disorientated’ state, in a gully 200 metres from the top of the mountain.

At 12.15am they were back in Busot.


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