A cut-throat killer ensnared

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TRAGIC SCENE: The locale where the horror show unfolded.

A MAN who stabbed one person to death and seriously injured another at the Chinese bazaar in San Roque, was detained by police 48 hours later, after they recognised his face on video footage.

The fatal incident took place on Avenida Huelva de Campamento, with an attempted hold up apparently having gone wrong, according to other employees at the shop.

The victims were a married couple, with a 49-year-old man having died of his injuries and his 50-year-old wife left fighting for her life in hospital.

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Guardia Civil officers were forced to wait for a relative of the deceased to arrive before data files from the store’s security cameras could be downloaded, since all the information on the computer was in Chinese, but both they and Local Police forces had commenced investigations by the early afternoon.

The couple had been running the bazaar for seven or eight years, with neighbouring business owners telling police that they had built up a healthy clientele, and the motive for the murderous ambush remains unclear.


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