Tour de force for cancer

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Despite having a steady job and comfortable life in London, Eli Coory dropped everything three years ago in order to take on a round the world motorcycle odyssey in support of children’s cancer research, and on Tuesday, June 28, he and his two-wheeled travelling companion cruised into Malaga City after an overnight stopover in Gibraltar.

The Beirut-born English philanthropist has already covered more than 100,000 kilometres on his adventure, which began in April 2013, although at first he only intended for the quest to last three months, with Lebanon his target destination.

Once there, he opted to stay on the road, demonstrating admirable commitment by selling his house in order to fund a jaunt which has seen him take in dozens of European, Middle Eastern, African and American countries across five continents.

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Eli stayed at a city centre hotel during his brief pit stop in Malaga, where he was due to hook up with an old friend, after he spent the previous evening in Gibraltar, taking in England’s shambolic defeat to Iceland in Euro 2016.

He explained that he initiated the project after being struck by the pain and fear experienced by children who “are scared of what will happen, of the masks, the chemotherapy,” and likens it to his own dread when his family were forced to flee from Lebanon due to the civil war ravaging the country.

More than 70,000 people are following Eli’s globetrotting exploits on his ‘Solo on Moto’ Facebook page, with a documentary film and book in the pipeline, while personal gratification for the epic expedition derives from the “many people who have decided to do something similar in order to help others; that is the greatest reward.”


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