Gibraltar Port Authority anticipates a busy summer especially with pleasure craft

Gibraltar Port Authority
General Elliot II in action at sea

THE Gibraltar Port Authority (GPA) advised in a press release that the last weekend in June proved to be a very busy one as the Port launch, General Elliot II, saw plenty of action at the start of what no doubt will be a busy summer season. It was involved in several incidents involving local pleasure boats in local waters which had run out of fuel and had to be assisted back to safety.

The launch also took part in a search and rescue operation involving divers in difficulty off Punta Carnero across the Bay of Gibraltar. This was in response to a request for support from the Tarifa coordination centre, with the Gibraltar Defence Police also assisting. Both divers were subsequently rescued unharmed.

Commodore Bob Sanguinetti, CEO and Captain of the Port commented that once again the Port and its partners showed their professionalism in dealing with hazardous situations.


The Gibraltar Port Authority would also like to remind pleasure craft users enjoying local waters to ensure that their vessels are mechanically sound and have enough fuel on board for their activities at sea. More details on safety at sea are available in the “Safety At Sea Booklet” which can be found on the GPA website


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