Beware rogue car parks near Gatwick airport

@GatwickPolice - Twitter
Tweeted picture of cars parked in a muddy field.

SO disturbed are the Sussex Police about rogue car parking near Gatwick Airport that they have resorted to Twitter to warn motorists about the dangers of leaving their cars with unlicensed and possibly illegal car park operators.

The comments, accompanying a scene of cars parked in the open in a muddy field reads “Flying from #Gatwick soon? Use an approved parking firm or your car could end up like this.”

This follows a visit by police officers and representatives of Horsham District Council and Trading Standards to an unidentified destination where they recorded hundreds of cars sitting in a muddy field with no security cameras or staff visible. What’s more, many of the cars were either unlocked or had their keys either taped to the windscreen or in the boot.

According to the police report, because the field was so muddy, many cars were literally bogged down and would have needed a tow truck to get them out. 

The moral of this story as far as the police and trading standards are concerned is that motorists would be much safer to leave their cars with responsible and registered companies on or near to the airport where their cars will be relatively secure and ready to drive away when they return from their holidays.


  1. This is typical posturing by those who want to charge more money than they’re entitled to. The people who choose these cheaper options know exactly what they are doing. If the “rogue” parkers take your car out of their field and give it a quick power hosing before bringing it back to the airport for you – what’s the big deal. No car is safe in any car park. What good are the keys to a potential car thief if he needs a tow truck to pull it out.
    If legitimate companies didn’t charge extortionate prices, these fly-boys wouldn’t get any business so you’ve only yourselves to blame. I would use them before paying ridiculously inflated prices.


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