Hunt on for Turre donkey’s murderers

© La Huella Roja

THE Guardia Civil is hunting for the authors of a horrific attack which led to the death of an innocent donkey in Turre at the weekend, and a local animal charity has urged anyone who may have seen or heard anything in the area to come forward and report it to the police.

Alfalfero, an 11-year-old, friendly, docile donkey, was reported missing by his owners on the night of June 23, and although the family searched high and low there was no sign of their four-legged friend.

That was until Sunday (June 26) when a neighbour said he had seen something in the El Jairo area, just two kilometres from home. Upon arrival a horrific sight met their eyes: Alfalfero had been tied spread-eagled to nearby trees and attacked viciously until he died in agony. A vet stated that the death happened on Saturday night.


Turre is a small village and the devastated owners are sure the killers are local people, La Huella Roja charity told the Press on Wednesday.

“If you saw Alfalfero between Thursday and Saturday in the village or nearby, you should tell the police. If you’ve heard talk of the incident or have any idea of who these murderers are, please, report it. They are assassins and they are free. Who knows what they could do next? You can report to the police anonymously,” a charity representative said.


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