Harrison Ford fails to keep a low profile during Spain trip

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SELFIES: Why’d it have to be selfies? Harrison appears to have had it up to here as yet another selfie addict invades his personal space.

INDIANA JONES and Star Wars legend Harrison Ford has been out and about in Spain over the last few days, accompanied by his 51-year-old wife and Ally McBeal star Calista Flockhart.

Sporting an enormous bushy beard and floppy hair, the 73-year-old Hollywood veteran was possibly trying to keep a low profile, but he was predictably mobbed by selfie-seekers as he strolled through the streets of Cordoba on Tuesday, June 28.

Harrison appeared nonplussed as a steady stream of Spaniards lined up to shake his hand and pose for the obligatory smartphone shot, interrupting his summer holidays as he attempted to enjoy La Mezquita and other sights of the second-largest old town in Europe.


Residents and tourists were seen furiously snapping away, with many even taking pictures of the back of the actor’s head as he shuffled around the UNESCO World Heritage Site, before security guards stepped in to shoo away the over-enthusiastic throng, allowing the celebrity couple to take refuge inside the famous monument and enjoy a private visit.

The glamorous pair have been in the country since Friday, landing in Madrid where they spent a romantic evening at the Palacio de Cibeles restaurant, located on the sixth floor of the iconic building, which also serves as the capital’s city hall.

On Sunday their initial peace was shattered as they were spotted treading the streets of Toledo, much to the delight of pretty much everyone who saw them, before they took lunch at the well-known Adolfo Muñoz eatery.

Before travelling down to Andalucia they also took in Segovia, where they munched on local delicacy cochinillo (suckling pig) at the legendary Meson Candido, founded in 1931, from where they surely relished the spectacular views of the city’s Roman aqueduct.

They then hopped over to the nearby walled village of Pedraza, where they continued their apparently relentless grazing, partaking in a meal at the traditional El Soportal inn, much to the surprise of chef Samantha Vallejo-Nagera, who, needless to say, posed for yet another selfie with the weary thespian.



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