Father fights off man trying to kidnap his young son

© Benjamín Núñez González - Wikimedia
Roquetas de Mar where the attempted abduction took place.

DURING a holiday in Spain with his wife and four-year-old son, Urmston, Greater Manchester resident Shaun Kennedy was horrified to find himself having to battle a stranger who was trying to abduct his son Chase from a lift in the hotel in which they were staying.

It appears that the burly stranger got into a lift that the two were in and started to strike up a conversation with the young boy. Then as the lift doors were about to close, he grabbed hold of the toddler and pulled him out of the lift with Shaun following.

They grappled on the floor and then Shaun who in the process received some injuries was able to grab hold of his son and ran off with him whilst the assailant made his escape.


The police were called but although they made some attempt at trying to find the distinctive abductor, they were unsuccessful and left without even inviting Shaun to the police station to make a formal complaint.

Happily Chase was unhurt except for some carpet burns on his leg although he has had some problems with sleeping.



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