Animal rights party takes important step in Spanish elections


WHILE Spain braced itself for another maze of coalition talks following Sunday’s elections, PACMA was celebrating the most successful campaign in its 13-year history. 

The animal rights party won more than 280,000 votes, a notch more than one per cent of those cast, more than doubling its share from 2011. 

Chiefly campaigning for an end to bullfighting, PACMA also protests against other traditions perceived as cruel by a growing segment of the population. 

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Founded in Bilbao in 2003, the group’s full name is the Animalist Party Against the Mistreatment of Animals and they also fight to protect the environment and for social justice. 

In the latest elections the party toyed with the idea of joining the Unidos-Podemos coalition but were deterred by the lack of a concrete pledge to ban bullfighting outright.  

With a powerful message and proven role in reshaping a variety of controversial bull festivals across the country, PACMA look set to become the movement’s first protest party to break into mainstream consciousness.  


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